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The Winchester Model 1866 "Yellowboy" Rifle is a lever-action rifle in Fistful of Frags that can only be obtained from Red Chests in Shootout or for 60$ in Break Bad and Teamplay, replacing the Henry Rifle seen in older versions of the game.

The Yellowboy Rifle functions more or less identically to the Henry Rifle it replaced, save for its louder firing sound, its gold-colored details and its iron sights, which are somewhat less obstructive than the Henry's.

Yelloyboy FoF.jpg

The Yellowboy Rifle holds 16 rounds in its magazine and deals around 35-45 damage for a bodyshot and around 63 damage for a headshot. The Yellowboy rifle suffers from less damage than other weapons and is very accurate, meaning that an accurate player can easily pick off enemies at longer ranges, making it capable of competing with the Sharps Rifle in sniper duels. The player should try to reload often as reloading all 16 rounds takes quite a while and can be dangerous to perform in many situations.

Accuracy is more or less identical to the Smith Carbine's.

  • If not aiming down sights, the Yellowboy rifle's accuracy will be a miserable 1%, so it will almost always miss.
  • When aiming down sights, its accuracy will rise to 99%, meaning it is practically guaranteed to hit an enemy if your aim is true.
  • If aiming down sight while moving, the accuracy is lowered to 70%, which, while still high, adds to the chance you'll miss your target (even if you have him in your sights). If aiming down sight and crouching, the accuracy will remain 90%, but you will move extremely slowly.
  • When aiming down sights while jumping or falling, the rifle's accuracy will be knocked down to 51% which makes the rifle very inconsistent as almost half of your shots will be off point.

As such, the player should try to stay still when aiming at a long-range target as the accuracy penalties inflicted by moving will otherwise ruin the weapon's long-range potential.