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Shotguns are powerful close-range weapons. Instead of dealing damage in a single projectile, shotguns fire multiple weaker pellets. As the pellets are spread out over an area, its best to put the crosshair over the center of the target's body - the head is too small of a target in most applicable cases and many of the pellets will miss.

Shotguns struggle to deal any damage at longer ranges. Keeping a pistol or a rifle when using a shotgun can make up for this shortcoming.

List of Shotguns in Fistful of Frags[]

Sawed-Off Shotgun[]

Sawed-off Shotgun (Click for full size)

The Sawed-Off Shotgun is available from spawn. It has a capacity of two shells, which are reloaded simultaneously. It can be dual-wielded like or with a pistol. Keeping a pistol to support it can help against targets who survive shotgun blasts, but the shotgun's inconsistent damage makes in non-viable when supporting more powerful revolvers at middle ranges.



The Coach Gun is a double-barreled shotgun available from Red Chests. You can aim to be more precise with the right mouse button. It is the most powerful shotgun, able to deal up to 73 damage per shot in close range. However, its limited ammo capacity reduces its practicality in engagements against multiple foes or outside of buildings. It's a fantastic weapon to defend a sniper nest if coupled with one of the rifles.

Pump-Action Shotgun[]


The Pump-Action Shotgun is available from Gold Chests. Because of its higher ammo capacity, it stands on its own better than the other shotguns, but a strong back-up pistol may still be necessary if caught out in the open.