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Fistful of Frags has a plethora of weapons to use. Weapons are obtained in different ways depending on the game mode. In Teamplay you buy them from your spawn. In Break Bad you can buy them within a short amount of time after you spawn - after that you need to get them from buy zones - and in Shootout, Team Shootout and Elimination you can choose from a set of starter weapons by spending stars to create a weapon loadout to spawn with. You can also find stronger weapons around the map in color-coded chests in Shootout, Team Shootout and Elimination.

Weapons in Fistful Of Frags are organized into a tier system - each tier has generally more powerful weapons than the last. More powerful weapons from higher tiers will usually give a lower notoriety (score) reward for each frag than less powerful weapons from lower tiers.

The Colt Peacemaker, used here as an example, is one of many weapons found in the game.

Weapons have weight. Carrying too many weapons causes the player to become overweight, greatly slowing the player's movement speed. Some weapons are heavier than others and as such, overweigh the player faster. This can be avoided by dropping any weapons (hold V + click the mouse button corresponding to the hand holding the weapon to be dropped) that the player doesn't need.

For more information about actions one can do with weapons other than shooting; visit the Weapon Operation article.

For another take on weapons stats with numbers from 1 to 10 (including accuracy, weapons, fire rate...etc...) along with weapon information and the creator's opinion on each weapon, visit the weapon stats page.


There are five classes of weapons in Fistful of Frags:

  • Pistols: One handed weapons that fire one shot at a time and can usually be fanned. Damage drops with distance to target. (SW Hammerless, Volcanic Pistol, Derringer, Colt Navy, SW Schofield, Colt Peacemaker, Colt Walker, Remington Army)
  • Rifles: Weapons with less damage drop off than other types. They have the ability to aim down the sights, with the exception of the Mare's Leg, which can be fanned instead. (Mare's Leg, Smith Carbine, Yellowboy Rifle, Spencer Rifle, Sharps Rifle)
  • Melee: Weapons designed for close range combat. Knives, Hatchets, and Machetes can be thrown, and are affected by gravity. (Fists, Kicks, Brass Knuckles, Boots, Knives, Hatchet, Machete)
  • Shotguns: Weapons that fire a group of buckshot pellets instead of bullets. Deadly at close range when aimed at the center mass of the target. Damage drops off rapidly with distance to target.  (Sawed-Off Shotgun, Coach Gun, Pump Shotgun)
  • Special: Weapons that do not fit into any of the other categories. (Bow, Dynamite, Black Dynamite, Dynamite Belt, Portable Whiskey Jug)

Starter Weapons[]

Starter Weapons are weapons that you can spawn with in Shootout with the weapon selection screen. The player has 11 stars to spend when creating a loadout. If the player tries to choose a piece of equipment that, if chosen, would make the loadout's total cost exceed 11 stars in overall cost, the player will not be able to choose that equipment piece without first removing enough equipment pieces to make room for it.

Primary Starter Weapons[]

Primary Starter weapons are meant to be used as primary weapons until stronger weapons can be obtained or become available. They have enough strength to successfully kill a player and they can (with enough skill) be used as standalone weapons over longer periods but they tend to fall short of most other obtainable weapons.

Volcanic Pistol (Cost: 3 Stars)[]

Volcanic Pistol.jpg

The Volcanic Pistol (often just called Volcanic) is a repeating pistol with a fast rate of fire, nine shots and somewhat low damage. It can be fanned for slightly higher rate of fire, and differs from the Navy in that you get faster shots that have less accuracy. Hence, it's more suitable for group fights at close range but becomes significantly worse at any range past mid range. This weapon was also available from the gold chest but was removed in the June 1st 2020 update, presumably because it was one of the least sought for weapons from the chest, mainly due to it being one of the weakest weapons in the game.

Colt Navy (Cost: 4 Stars)[]

Colt Navy.jpg

The Colt Navy (often just called Navy) is a standard run-of-the-mill six shot revolver. It deals moderate damage, has good accuracy and can be fanned. Given its decent damage at longer ranges, it is a very versatile weapon. The Colt Navy originally costed three stars but was upped to four stars in the December 15th 2017 update.

Sawed-Off Shotgun (Cost: 4 Stars)[]

Sawed Shotgun.jpg

The Sawed-Off Shotgun (often just called Sawed-off) is a simple one-handed shotgun with a two round capacity that deals high damage at close range but rapidly loses its efficiency at longer ranges. The reload time is a little slower than average and the weapon is usually used to score easy frags in close quarters. Another use for it would be to serve as a countermeasure against Hatchets, Knives and the like, all of which are very annoying to deal with at close range. This weapon was also available in the blue chest but was removed in the June 1st 2020 update, presumably because it was not sought for enough, partly due to it also being a starter weapon.

Bow (Cost: 4 Stars)[]

Bow Idle.jpg

The Bow is a light two-handed weapon that fires arrows which arc over distances and travel slower than bullets. The arrows kill in one shot to the head, and gain more damage the longer they are drawn for before firing and the farther they fly. The bow has poor movement speed, draw speed and a rather slow fire rate, but if put in the right hands, it can dominate areas at medium range and often completely lock down sightlines. This weapon was also available in the blue chest but was removed in the June 1st 2020 update, presumably because it was not sought for enough, mainly due to it also being a starter weapon.

Hatchet (Cost: 4 Stars)[]


The Hatchet (or Axe) is a melee primary that deals reasonably high damage. It grants the highest movement speed in the game when wielded, making it effective not only as a weapon but also as a means of getting around the map faster. It can be thrown as a ranged attack, and can be used quite effectively as a primary weapon with proper skill but its lack of proper ranged damage means that any player using it will be at a severe disadvantage if caught out in the open without a ranged weapon for self-defense. The melee attack has a surprisingly high time to kill and a delay animation if you miss a target, making it a risky weapon to use.

SW Hammerless x2 (Cost: 5 Stars)[]

1540207334 hammerless1.jpeg

The SW Hammerless is a single handed, five-shot revolver. As its namesake suggests, it lacks a hammer, so it is unable to be fan-fired. The SW Hammerless has a fast rate of fire, fast reload, gives high notoriety, and is extremely low cost. However, it is not very powerful and loses damage fast the further the target. This weapon was originally released in the October 22nd 2018 update, both as a primary starter weapon and as a blue chest weapon, costing two stars and $25 respectively. In the June 2nd 2020 update, the Hammerless was removed as a primary starter weapon for the Dual Derringers but the June 9th 2020 replaced the Dual Derringers for the Dual Hammerless' which now cost five stars. This weapon was removed from the blue chest in the June 9th 2020 update, mainly due to it not being sought for and due to it already being a starter weapon, one of the weakest at that.

Mare's Leg (Cost: 6 Stars)[]

Fistful of Frags (11).jpg

The Mare's Leg (also called ML or just Mare's) functions like a pistol but is in fact a sawed-off rifle that deals high damage, has medium accuracy and a healthy eight shots in the magazine, counterbalanced by a slow rate of fire and a very poor accuracy when fanned. At close range, it can deal over 100 damage in a headshot, but the damage drops off very fast at range. The Mare's Leg has extremely high DPS and careful selection of fire mode is crucial to staying alive and not being caught unable to shoot. This weapon originally costed five stars but now costs six stars as of the June 2nd 2020 update.

Remington Army (Cost: 5 Stars)[]


The Remington Army (also known as the Remington Model 1858 or Remington New Model Army) is a revolver that is damage-wise on par with the SW Schofield and has almost identical accuracy. The Remington army has a unique reload animation where the character detaches and removes the entire cylinder from the revolver frame and replaces it with a pre-loaded spare cylinder, replenishing all six shots at once, in a similar fashion to the SW Schofield. The Remington Army holds one more round in the cylinder (six rounds versus the SW Schofield's five rounds) in exchange for having slightly faster damage fall-off at longer ranges. This weapon was originally released in the December 15th 2016 update as a primary starter weapon.

Smith Carbine (Cost: 7 Stars)[]


The Smith Carbine (often just called Carbine, or occasionally Smith) is a single-shot rifle with near-perfect accuracy when aiming down the sights. It deals high damage and can kill in two bodyshots in most cases, or in a single headshot, at any range, but must be reloaded after each shot. Since the reload takes so much time, it's important to play with cover and/or at long range to avoid being rushed by a player that can shoot you before you can respond. The Smith Carbine performs somewhat poorly at close range and is not intended for that range anyway, meaning that until you can obtain a proper secondary weapon for close-range combat self-defense, close range will inherently be your weakness. Smith Carbine also has unusually good accuracy when jumping, often rating 50% accuracy. This means that in an emergency situation you can jump and shoot to avoid the opponent's bullets. This way you can kill the opponent if you manage to land a headshot. As you are jumping, the enemy will most likely hit your feet, legs, or miss, giving you a window to reload and shoot him. However, this can be quite hard to perform if the opponent is moving, so this is advised only in the most dire situations.

In the November 27th 2018 update, the Smith Carbine was replaced by the Yellowboy 1866 as a starter weapon, though the Smith remained as a blue chest weapon. In the June 9th 2020 update, the Smith Carbine returned as a starter weapon, replacing the Yellowboy. This update however removed the Smith from the blue chests and thus can now only be used as a starter weapon. The only exception is that you can still acquire the Smith Carbine from blues chest in Team Elimination due to the gamemode's chest system playing different from Shootout's.

Secondary Starters[]

Secondary Starters are "perks" or sidearms you can pick to spawn with in Shootout using the weapon selection screen. Unlike with the Primary Starters which you can only pick one of, you may choose as many Secondary Starters as you want, as long as you have enough stars available. Secondary Starters are usually not capable of being used as standalone primary weapons in their own right and should instead be used to supplement the Primary Starters.

For example, a Sawed-Off Shotgun can be supplemented with Brass Knuckles and Boots, a Smith Carbine can be supplemented with Knives, a Bow can be supplemented with a Derringer.

  • Handgun Throw - Cost: 1 Star
  • Tracking - Cost: 2 Stars
  • Heavy Loads - Cost: 2 Stars
  • Quick Draw - Cost: 3 Stars
  • Brass Knuckles - Cost: 3 Stars
  • Knife x3 - Cost: 3 Stars
  • Boots - Cost: 4 Stars
  • Derringer - Cost: 5 Stars
  • Dynamite - Cost: 6 Stars
  • Portable Whiskey Jug (Removed)
  • Pickpocket (Removed)
  • Insatiable (Removed)
  • Gentleman (Removed)

Handgun Throw (Cost: 1 Star)[]

Handgun Throw is the cheapest perk in the game which can be used as a defence mechanic and typically replaces the drop weapon function with the ability to throw your handgun(s) in the direction that you are facing. You are able to charge up the handgun throw allowing you throw your equipped weapon further and faster depending on how long you charge it for, however if you do not fill the charge meter, you will simply drop your weapon. You can throw your weapon regardless of how much charge that you build up by using your primary attack, this will allow you to quickly throw your weapon.

When have equipped weapons in both hands, filling up the charge meter will throw both of your weapons simultaneously, though if you quick throw with dual weapons, the weapon in your left hand will be thrown first followed by the second if another handgun throw is executed by the player. The handgun throw always throws the weapon in your left hand first, even when using the left-handed handgun skill.

This perk will only let you throw pistols, melee weapons can be thrown using secondary attack only when equipped meanwhile rifles and other special weapons will still drop as normal. This perk is especially useful in sticky situations where you have no ammo in your weapon and cannot melee attack or kick an enemy player due to being out of range.

A handgun throw kill rewards the player with 20 notoriety, though you can still gain bonus notoriety from a killstreak.

Tracking (Cost: 2 Stars)[]

Tracking is a cheap perk which was added in the November 15th 2018 update, replacing the long lasting Gentleman perk. This perk reveals trails of enemy players and thus traces enemy movements. This is an ideal perk for players chasing after enemies without worrying about losing sight of them since the trails go for a fairly long distance. It is very useful when paired with a pistol or a melee weapon such as the Hatchet or Machete.

Heavy Loads (Cost: 2 Stars)[]

Heavy Loads is a cheap perk which was added in the February 21st 2018 update, replacing the Quickdraw perk. This perk originally costed three stars when it was first added into the game, but was reduced down to two stars in the December 16th 2018 update. The Heavy Loads perk stops held objects from being dropped if your held object gets hit by enemy fire, your held objects also knock back enemies and has a chance of disarming your enemy in the process.

Quickdraw (Cost: 3 Stars)[]

Quickdraw is an moderately cheap perk, which was previously replaced by the Heavy Loads perk in the February 21st 2018 update, but had found its way back into the game, replacing the Pickpocket perk in the June 2nd 2020 update. This perk speeds up weapon draws by 20 to 30 percent varying from weapon to weapon, but only applies to revolvers, pistols and the Sawed-Off Shotgun.

Brass Knuckles (Cost: 3 Stars)[]

Brass Knuckles are a moderately cheap perk, which gives the player brass knuckles when equipping the fists. The brass knuckles deals significantly more punch damage than the standard fists but leads to a higher speed penalty and higher view drifts on opponents. You can also disarm an enemy with a weapon facing you by punching them with the brass knuckles, which can give you more time to kill an enemy. This is especially useful with a weapon such as the Smith Carbine where you only have one bullet which is usually the make or break, the brass knuckles can reduce the risk of you being killed and helps buy you more time to kill the said enemy or to retreat from the gunfight. This is due to the enemy needing to either pick the weapon back up, switch to another weapon, defensively attack you with either fists or by kicking or otherwise needing to retreat from the gunfight themselves.

Knife x3 (Cost: 3 Stars)[]

The knives are a moderately cheap perk, which gives the player three knives. The knife has a higher damage output and higher range than fists do, due to being equipped with three knives, you can also throw your knives to damage or kill enemies if your weapons have no ammo.

Boots (Cost: 4 Stars)[]

Boots are a moderately expensive perk. The boots give the player a moderate damage bonus and knocks enemies back further than without boots. Boots deal a total of 35 damage, compared to the base 25 damage from without having boots equipped and generally help perform various weapon combos. The boots originally costed four stars but was reduced to cost three stars in the December 15th 2017 update. This change was reverted and now costs four stars as of the June 1st 2020 update. This perk is a very useful perk all-round since it gives you access to more weapon combos which may require higher damage outputs to perform, though the perk also improves the use of kicking both as an offence and defence mechanic due to its higher damage output and knockback range.

Derringer (Cost: 5 Stars)[]

Dual Deringer.jpg

The Derringer is a small pocket pistol with two shots in a clip, though an expensive perk, requiring you to sacrifice a strong primary starter weapon or other secondary starters. It deals high damage at close range but cannot be fanned and has very unimpressive accuracy. In Shootout, Team Shootout, and Elimination, one is available as a secondary weapon. It was previously available as both a primary and secondary weapon. The primary has since been replaced by the SW Hammerless. Derringers are usually used with another weapon or as a backup due to their low damage output and small clip size, albeit high notoriety.

The Derringer was taken out of the secondary starter selection in place of the Hammerless, which it became available as Dual Derringers. This change was shortly reverted with a single Derringer being available as a secondary starter again, meanwhile the Dual Derringers primary starter was replaced by Dual Hammerless'.

Dynamite (Cost: 6 Stars)[]

Dynamite is the most expensive perk in the game and equips you with sticks of red dynamite. The amount of dynamite you are given varies depending on how well you perform using the dynamite in your previous life. Based on those variables, you will spawn with as little as one stick of dynamite and up to as many as three sticks of dynamite. The dynamite was also available as a blue chest weapon but was removed from the blue chest in the June 1st 2020 update. The red dynamite is a moderately strong variant of dynamite, far stronger and has a much bigger splash damage radius than the yellow dynamite, found on the Dynamite Belt. The red dynamite is not as strong as black dynamite which also offers more damage across a bigger radius.

Portable Whiskey (Removed)[]

Portable Whiskey is a scrapped perk which equipped you with a bottle of portable whiskey. During its time as a perk, it was a moderately cheap perk but this perk was removed in the November 12th 2018 update, most likely due to the balance of this perk. The portable whiskey was previously available in both the red and blue chest but it is now only available in the blue chest as of the June 1st 2020 update. The portable whiskey can be used as a dual wield weapon along with a revolver, pistol, the Sawed-Off Shotgun or in conjunction with a second portable whiskey bottle, its main purpose is to heal teammates and it is also possible to heal yourself using the portable whiskey.

Pickpocket (Removed)[]

Pickpocket is a scrapped perk which allowed you to steal weapons and money from enemy players if you punch them from behind. This perk was first added to the game, replacing the Insatiable perk in the December 15th 2017 update. During its time as a perk, it was a cheap perk but this perk was replaced by the previously scrapped Quickdraw perk in the June 2nd 2020 update, this weapon was removed due to the weapon chest system being reverted to the old system which did not use money. Players using pickpocket were easy to distinguish due to wearing bandanas, covering the mouth. The main purpose of this perk was its ability to steal weapons or money from enemy players, to steal items, you would have needed to punch an enemy player from behind. You will steal a weapon from an enemy if they have one holstered or if there is no holstered weapon available, the player will steal money instead.

Insatiable (Removed)[]

Insatiable is a scrapped perk which makes the player recover from drunkenness half as long as normal players could, this perk also allowed players to carry more weapons before receiving a speed loss. This perk was added to the game in the April 26th 2016 update, replacing the Gentleman perk the first time that it was removed. The Insatiable perk was removed and replaced by the now scrapped Pickpocket perk in the December 15th 2017 update, however this update reduced the recovery time from drunkenness to the same time as insatiable offered.

Gentleman (Removed)[]

Gentleman is a scrapped perk which offered more notoriety from kills (and even deaths) if kills were made in a what was considered a "gentlemanly" manner. Gentleman is the only perk to have had two stints but was eventually scrapped both times. Gentleman was scrapped the first time and replaced by the now scrapped Insatiable perk in the April 26th 2016 update. It was then resurrected in the February 26th 2018 update but did not replace an existing perk, however it was again scrapped in the November 15th 2018 update in place of the Tracking perk. The reason of this perk being removed was due to its complexity and somewhat confusing nature.

The Gentleman perk gives you bonus notoriety from shouting "draw!" before shooting an enemy through the voice commands or from shouting "fistfight!" before beginning to fight an enemy with fists or brass knuckles. However you could lose notoriety from performing non-gentlemanly acts such as killing enemies using dynamite or from having them die from an environmental death (such as kicking your enemy off the map, having them get struck by a train or from detonating powder kegs).

Blue Weapons[]

Blue weapons (aka low tier) refers to any weapon found in Blue Chests.

Red Weapons[]

Red weapons (aka mid tier) refers to any weapon found in Red Chests.

Gold Weapons[]

Gold weapons (aka high tier) refers to any weapon found in Gold Chests. While commonly referred to as "gold weapons" they should not be confused with the gold weapon skins rewarded to winners of the Fistful of Frags Competitive League.

Weapons table[]

Colt navy.png
Sawed off shotgun.png
Pump shotgun.png
Mares leg.png

Old prices and systems[]

In earlier versions of Fistful of Frags, the Star costs for all Starter weapons in Shootout were different. The star system has also changed twice throughout Fistful Of Frags' lifetime as a standalone game.

The player had 7 stars to spend when creating a loadout. If the player tried to choose a piece of equipment that, if chosen, would make the loadout's total cost exceed 7 stars in overall cost, the player would not be able to choose that equipment piece without first removing enough equipment pieces to make room for it.

Later, the star system was changed: the player would start with 7 starts to spend on equipment but after picking a primary starter, they would get 3 more stars, bringing the total star cost up to 11 stars. This star system was not very long-lived as after a couple of updates, it was changed to the current version.

Primary Starters

Secondary Starters

  • Handgun Throw (Cost: 1 Star)
  • Quickdraw (Cost: 1 Star)
  • Insatiable (Cost: 1 Star)
  • Gentleman (Cost: 2 Stars)
  • Brass Knuckles (Cost: 2 Stars)
  • Knife x3 (Cost: 2 Stars)
  • Boots (Cost: 2 Stars)
  • Additional Derringer (Cost: 3 Stars)
  • Red Dynamite x2 (Cost: 5 Stars)