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Volcanic Pistol
Type Handgun
Shootout Tier Starter
Base notoriety reward 10
One- or Two-handed One-handed
Default cost 20$
Falloff ratio 1.6
Maximum accuracy 80%
Fire rate 70rpm
Fannable Yes
Reload style Per-cartridge
Quickswitchable Yes
Max movement speed 220

The Volcanic Pistol is a low cost repeating pistol with nine shots. It costs $20 by default and is available as a starter weapon in all Shootout modes.

One of the Volcanic's key strengths is its base notoriety award, at an inflated ten points per frag. This elevated notoriety award also affects assists and kills with assists. Assists will commonly net five points, and assisted kills will usually net around seven points.

Also helping the Volcanic is its capacity, holding nine total shots. This allows the user to take on multiple enemies at once with less fear of having to reload partway through. The Volcanic is also a one-handed weapon, permitting for a second weapon to be held in the other hand. The Volcanic also reloads pretty quickly for a weapon that reloads one shot at a time in spite of the nine shot capacity. Because it reloads shot by shot, the Volcanic's reload can be interrupted prematurely to prime the weapon should an enemy take the user by surprise.

One of the Volcanic's weaknesses is its damage per shot. When hitting centre mass, three to five shot kills can be expected depending on how far away the victim is. However, hitting the limbs heavily reduces damage, and the Volcanic's damage drops off heavily at a distance. For these reasons, it is a poor choice for long range engagements and for those of poor aim. Hitting the limbs at a distance deals single-digit amounts of damage. It may be best to just avoid any long range confrontation when wielding this weapon, or switch to a weapon with more potent long range abilities, like the Smith Carbine, Sharps Rifle, or the Yellowboy 1866.

The Volcanic Pistol fires fairly quickly when not fanning. For those with good aim, the pistol can get rapid two to four shot kills on enemies while maintaining a good degree of accuracy. Unfortunately, the Volcanic's fire rate does not improve all that immensely when fanning, and as such, the Volcanic Pistol is best used in its normal firing mode.

Point-blank Medium Long
Head 62 50 40
Body 40 32 25


Handgun skill Crouching Standing Walking Fanning
Ambidextrous 70% 67% 49/58% 41%
Right-handed 70/76% 67/73% 49/65% 73/75%*
Left-handed 80/65% 77/59% 62/50% 49/37%
Fanning 61% 57% 38/48% 52%

*Uses ironsights

Reloading speeds[]

First bullet Second Third Ninth Fire Total
1.7 sec 0.7 sec 0.7 sec ...0.7 sec 1.9 sec 9.2 sec

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