Fistful of Frags Wiki

The Mare's Leg weapon can be quite frustrating to fight, since it has a moderately big magazine and is capable of one-shotting a player at close range. Since it is a weapon available from spawn in most game modes, I think it should recieve a bit of a nerf. My suggestion would be to nerf the damage the weapon deals at close range to maybe not be able to kill any player in one hit, but instead hurt the player severely, down to the point where their health is around 10 perhaps.

This would encourage players to use another weapon in conjunction with the Mare's Leg, since they could then easily dispatch an enemy but at the same time give other players a brief window to retaliate against the Mare's Leg user, something that, at close range, currently is not possible against a player with decent aim.

Thank you for reading my blog post, and if you have any feedback or suggestions for this idea, please do message me about them.