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Tortuga (known as fof_tortuga in-game), made by omar, is a Classic map for Fistful of Frags.

Tortuga is set in a coastal night time town built into the rocky cliffs. It features a plethora of buildings that players can access from stores, a bar, boat docks and even a well! It is a hand remade version of Tortuga from the game Cube 2: Sauerbraten, originally made by viruz. This is the third official map to be built from a map originating from another game; Desperados is based off of Desperados from Counter-Strike: Source; Impact is based off of Crash from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare.

It is compatible with Shootout, Team Shootout, Team Elimination and Break Bad meanwhile Grand Elimination is unsupported on this map. It works incredibly well as a Team Elimination map due to how slow paced the map plays and due to the vast variety of hiding spots, but regardless of what gamemode is played, the map is expected to be played with a very slow pace in mind compared to other maps. Due to how open the map is in regards to its layout, long ranged weapons such as the Smith Carbine are ideal for this map, though short ranged weapons such as the Remington Army still work fine in close quarter combat areas such as the indoor buildings and caves. Some of the best vantage points appear on both ends of the map and are quite high up compared to the rest of the map so you are able to look over the vast majority of the map this way. Obtaining a Sharps Rifle from the gold chest in the middle and making your way to either end of the map is heavily rewarded due to its high range and ability to take out enemies in one hit at almost every range if utilized properly. The Bow can also be considered as a viable option due to its potentially unlimited range along with the ability to produce flaming arrows using the torches around the map - if the bow is in the right hands, its potential could very well be maximized!


Tortuga was initially released as a workshop map, upon being discovered by the developers, it was a large candidate to be the next map to be added into the game as an official map. This was finalized in the July 15th 2020 update when the map was officially added, additionally it was added into the default map rotation and was played on many of the servers the game had to offer, some even running the map all day long.

Tortuga's first update was published in the July 20th 2020 update, giving the torches the ability to ignite explosive barrels and produce fire arrows using the Bow. Some areas were also simplified while some paths were removed in the process, such as the top path on the west side of the map which took you into the caves - which the well simply does.

Another update on July 28th 2020 changed up the layout drastically to make the map smaller but also faster paced, introducing various levels of verticality from the west to the east sides of the map.

This is the west side of the map from the first official version of Tortuga.

With the west side of the map changed, it does not take as long to run around the map from one side to the other, the new changes also allow for players coming from the west to make it to the gold chest quicker. New cover was added around the gold chest to protect the player from enemies approaching from the high ground, in the form of a small building - useful as a hideout in Team Elimination.

A new look of the west side of Tortuga.

An update which came out on December 8th 2020 further changed the layout of the map in order to fasten the pace of the game. Many of the high ground areas were made inaccessible, most of which were either low activity or high power areas which could overlook most of the map.

The sniper spot is no longer accessible.

A few other areas of the map were cut out or modified, most notably the cave which is now completely inaccessible. As a result of the changes, the blue chest located in the cave was moved on the bottom floor of the old red chest's room, the new red chest now resides in the saloon - which received a facelift.

The cave access was also cut off in this update.

One of the biggest changes to this map however, is the connector on the west end, from the pier to the high ground. The red and blue chests were also rearranged so that neither of them were too close to eachother and so they were placed in busier areas of the map. The red chest is no longer located in the cave, but now appears to be in the small room on the left of where you go up the new stairs. For the blue chest however, it has moved over to the crate stack where the watermelons are found.

The new stairs was amongst one of the biggest changes to the map in this update.

Additionally, cover in the form of new fences was installed around the pier, so that it is harder for players to get picked off easily from a distance, this is especially prevalent on the pier around where the gold chest belongs. The only other small changes were texture changes for some parts of the floor which will help distinguish areas and enemies better than before.



Player spawns are typically placed all over the map and can be used by any player/team.

There are a total of five crate spawns, consisting of two low-tier crates, two mid-tier crates and one high-tier crate. The low and mid-tier crates have a bias of being found on both the west and east sides of the map, one of each tier on either side. Meanwhile the high-tier crate is found in the middle of the map near the dock, though it is very exposed thus, it is a very risky crate to go for unlike the rest of the crates in the map.

Whiskey spots are plentiful on this map, many of them are found on the bridges where the gold chest is but many more are found inside a lot of the buildings though there are some bottles found outside in busier areas on the map.

Some of the most dangerous spots in the map are the bridges where the gold chest due to how open the area is, however as of the December 8th 2020 update, this area is more covered although you may take damage from bullets penetrating through the fences. The west side of the map can also pose a risk to you but it can pay off if you're lucky enough to wield a long range weapon such as a Sharps Rifle which is more than capable of one-hit killing enemies at range. This is due to the lack of cover this area of the map provides but it can also be a hotspot for gunfights, since there are four different ways to get to that spot.

Update Notes[]


December 8th

  • Visual overhaul (texture variation & fitting).
  • Performance improvements.
  • Smaller playable area (higher areas cut).
  • Certain navigation tweaks.
  • More cover at key areas.
  • Red and blue weapon crates repositioned.
  • Cave spawnpoint fixed.

August 9th

  • Added abandoned new hut and pier between the shallow cave and island hut.
  • Added new bridge from dockhouse to the building opposite.
  • New door added to bar to help flank sniper nest.
  • Removed platform under sniper nest.
  • Lighting and texture improvements.
  • Minor fixes and adjustments, less whiskey

July 28th

  • Folded the left end of the map 90 degrees inwards to make the map smaller.
  • Added new docks area at the point of the fold with plenty of 'parkour' possibilities.
  • Added new hut on an island by the gold chest to provide cover from the new areas.
  • Removed the room underneath the sniper nest and moved its blue box into the cave.
  • Removed access to one major sniper location and made the sniper nest in the cliffside easier to fight against.
  • Improved navmesh for bots.

July 20th

  • Torches ignite arrows and explosive barrels.
  • Red chest locations changed.
  • Simplified/removed paths at several areas.
  • Optimization and small bug fixes.

July 15th

  • Map added.