Fistful of Frags Wiki

The Spencer Rifle (also known as The Spencer Carbine) is a two-handed, long range weapon found in Fistful of Frags. It costs at a $65 premium, or $55 normal. It costs $70 in Teamplay.


The Spencer Rifle is a high damage weapon. It typically does enough damage to down an opponent in two shots at most distances. At very long range, it can take three shots to kill, and up to a good range, it can headshot an opponent to death.

The Spencer Rifle has poor inaccuracy values for a rifle. The weapons is very accurate while standing still and aiming, is not very accurate when strafing and/or jumping, and is extremely inaccurate when not aiming with the corresponding aim/fan button. The iron sights on the weapon are very flat and lack definition, so users may have a hard time using them.


The Spencer Rifle does not inhibit movement speed very heavily while aiming, similarly to the Smith Carbine in this aspect, allowing users to dodge enemy gunfire. This can be very useful when trying to combat Bow & Arrow users.

The Spencer Rifle's rate of fire is very slow, comparable to that of a Bow & Arrow. This heavily punishes players that miss.


The Spencer holds seven rounds. The reloading procedure is rather unconventional: a long tube (which contains the captive magazine follower and spring, which push the cartridges up into the action) is released by turning a latch 90° (mechanically similar to how a bayonet mount works) and can then be pulled straight out of the buttstock. The larger diameter tube that this magazine follower tube was just removed from is now open to receive cartridges which are simply dropped down into it - the loading procedure is completed when the magazine follower tube is reinserted and latched. The magazine follower tube being taken out takes up almost a whole second of reloading and must be done before rounds are inserted at all times. A full reload of the weapon should take roughly ten seconds. The animation after the last round has been inserted can be quick switched to disappear.

The Spencer Rifle ultimately serves as a medium between the Smith Carbine and the Yellowboy 1866. The Spencer Rifle has the mobility of a Smith Carbine, while having a fire rate and capacity closer to the Yellowboy 1866, and as far as damage goes, is a medium between the two. Fans of the Smith Carbine and Yellowboy 1866 ought to be pleased with this weapon.