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SW Schofield
Type Revolver
Shootout Tier One
Base notoriety reward 7
One- or Two-handed One-handed
Default cost 40$
Falloff ratio {{{Falloff}}}
Maximum accuracy 91%
Fire rate Medium
Fannable Yes
Reload style Full reload
Quickswitchable {{{QS}}}
Max movement speed {{{Movespeed}}}

The SW Schofield is a Tier One revolver that can be found in Blue Chests, and can be purchased for 40$ in Break Bad and Teamplay.

The SW Schofield is one of the strongest all-round weapons on offer. The damage per bullet is high. Two shot kills and three shot kills are very common with the Schofield, which also has one of the most gradual damage drop-off ratios in the game. In close quarters, a headshot and a kick will end an opponent; however, Boots will be required to pull this off in the bulk of instances.

The SW Schofield is insanely accurate. It is the most accurate one-handed weapon on offer, hitting a great 92% accuracy when held in the left hand with the left-handed gun skill, equal to the Smith Carbine's strafing accuracy. This allows users to tackle enemies at almost any distance that the user is comfortable with. However, users should avoid any gunfight where an entire cylinder worth of cartridges is required to kill an opponent outright.

The SW Schofield also fires quickly. It is only beaten by the Volcanic Pistol and SW Hammerless in terms of fire rate. The SW Schofield's fanning fire rate is also great, only beaten by the Colt Peacemaker in that regard.

The SW Schofield, unlike most revolvers, reloads the entire magazine in one swift action. This is insanely useful, as it allows users to reload lots of ammunition in a short period of time. However, this one action reload is slower than reloading one or two individual bullets compared to other weapons, so SW Schofield users should expend at least three bullets before reloading to take full advantage of the speedloader.

The SW Schofield holds six bullets in its cylinder, equal to other revolvers.

The SW Schofield isn't the most rewarding weapon to use, as it only nets 7 notoriety per kill.

The SW Schofield's availability is the only limiting factor in most instances. It is not available from spawn in either shootout gametype, forcing players to open their wallets in order to equip it. This makes the Remington Army a much more reasonable option over the Schofield in most instances, since the Remington plays quite similarly while being either cheaper or available from spawn.

Short Medium Long Very Long
Head 92 72 50 35
Chest 50-60 45-50 30-35 20
Arms/Legs 30-35 27 20 10