Fistful of Frags Wiki


The Pump Shotgun W1893, also known as Pump-Action Shotgun, is a Tier Three weapon that can only be obtained from Gold Chests or for 85$ in Break Bad and $95 in Teamplay. It is statistically the most powerful shotgun in the game. It deals slightly less damage than the Coachgun at point blank range, but holds a total of 6 rounds in the magazine and fires relatively fast, making it a powerful weapon, rivaling the Colt Walker in terms of deadliness.

The Pump-Action shotgun is very easy to use, the only restriction it carries is its limited range; it deals around 55-45 damage at close range, enough to kill in two hits in most cases but drops off to about 33-24 at medium range, enough for a 3-4 shot kill and is almost powerless at long range, dealing around 2-4 damage per shot if a hit is scored.

When using the Pump-Action Shotgun, attack your opponents at close range, yet keep them at an arm's length from you to avoid Hatchets, Knives and the like. Remember to reload as soon as you get the chance to do so safely as reloading all six rounds takes quite a while and if you are forced to do it in the face of enemy aggression, you may end up dead before you can retaliate. The Pump-Action Shotgun can easily be used to chain multiple kills after each other and rack up a good killstreak but it loses to most weapons at long range.

At very long range, weapons like the Smith Carbine or Sharps Rifle will (if fired accurately) stand head and shoulders above any shotgun and at mid range, weapons like the SW Schofield and Colt Peacemaker will have the advantage. It is only at close range where the Pump-Action Shotgun will outclass those weapons (not ultra-close range though, because that is where melee weapons like the Hatchet will get the upper hand) and even there, it will have to compete against other shotguns and fanned handguns. Overall, the Pump-Action Shotgun is a powerful weapon but only if you know how to use it correctly.