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The Mare's Leg is a Tier One weapon in Fistful Of Frags. It costs five stars in shootout game types.

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The Mare's Leg is a strong one-handed weapon, on par with the Colt Peacemaker in terms of per shot damage. It has a short one headshot kill range, and in CQC, a bodyshot and kick with the Boots on will be enough to kill an enemy.

The Mare's Leg has a very poor rate of fire. Of all the weapons that can be equipped on spawn in shootout, only the Deringer and Bow fire slower. The Mare's Leg can be fanned, however.

The Mare's Leg has poor accuracy for a one handed weapon. Its running accuracy is actually above average, although it's still bad overall, and the standing accuracy, the more important accuracy statistic, is poor, with only the Sawed-Off Shotgun having worse standing accuracy. The Mare's Leg also has poor fanning accuracy as a result, being among the least accurate weapons to fan.

The Mare's Leg is the heaviest one handed weapon in the game. It can deal considerable amounts of damage when using the Gun Throw perk, something other one handed weapons can't easily accomplish.

The Mare's Leg has an eight round magazine capacity, which is very impressive for a one-handed weapon. Only the Volcanic Pistol holds more bullets of all one-handed weapons, while the Yellowboy 1866 has double the magazine capacity of the Mare's Leg. The Mare's Leg also reloads moderately quickly.

The Mare's Leg only nets 6 notoriety per kill. Combined with its decent killing abilities, this makes the Mare's Leg hard to topscore with in shootout and team shootout game types.

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