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The Knife (or Knives X3) is a melee weapon in Fistful Of Frags. It is the weakest out of all melee weapons (not counting the Brass Knuckles as they are not held weapons), dealing a reasonable, yet unimpressive 35 damage per hit. They can be picked at spawn in Shootout as a secondary weapon or they can be bought for 10$ in Break Bad and Teamplay, giving the player three knives for use in both cases.

The Knives have both faster attack speed than fists and slightly more damage in addition to being throwable, dealing around 50 damage for a successful hit if thrown. Scoring a kill with knives will give players 8 Notoriety, while kills with a thrown knife yield 9 Notoriety points.

Unlike the Hatchet, the knife does not give the player any speed boost and deal less damage, making them relatively useless in normal combat. However, it is useful as a backup weapon to have if you run out of ammo in your main weapon while in combat as the knives can be used to finish off a heavily wounded opponent. Despite these uses though, the player should preferably replace the Knife with a better melee weapon as soon as possible.

The Knife pairs up relatively well with the Sawed-Off Shotgun and the Coachgun, both of which can only hold two shots at a time. Fire both of your shots at your target and if they are still alive after both shots hit, use the Knife to finish them off.

The Knife as held by the player.