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Henry Rifle
Type Rifle
Shootout Tier Two
Base notoriety reward 7
One- or Two-handed Two
Default cost 60$
Falloff ratio {{{Falloff}}}
Maximum accuracy 99%
Fire rate Medium
Fannable No
Reload style Per-cartridge
Quickswitchable {{{QS}}}
Max movement speed {{{Movespeed}}}

The Volcanic Repeating Arms Model 1860 "Henry" Rifle was a lever-action rifle that could only be obtained from Red Crates in Shootout and Team Shootout, or for 60$ in Teamplay and Break Bad. The Henry Rifle has been replaced by the Yellowboy Rifle, which, while functionally identical, has different iron sights and a different appearance with dark brown wooden parts and parts with a gold finish without the Henry Rifle's engravings. Being essentially a scaled-up rifle version of the Volcanic Pistol, it was the direct opposite of rifles like the Smith or the Sharps, trading quality for quantity in terms of bullets.

Just like other rifles, in order not to miss every shot, the player would have to pull up the iron sights of the gun to attain the Henry Rifle's full accuracy.

The Henry excelled at laying down a continuous stream of lead at opponents due to its 16-round magazine (the highest in the game). It was a good weapon for beginners looking for a rifle that wasn't as punishing for misses as the Smith or Sharps, but also worked for expert players looking for a gun that offered fast follow-up shots.

The Henry Rifle could fire multiple shots in quick succession but it dealt less damage than the Smith Carbine or the Sharps Rifle. For players that favored stopping power over volume of fire, the Henry Rifle was not the best choice of weapon. For those that wanted a fast rate of fire, the Henry Rifle was the way to go.