Fistful of Frags Wiki
Type Melee
Shootout Tier One
Base notoriety reward 7
One- or Two-handed One-handed
Default cost 20$
Falloff ratio No falloff
Maximum accuracy (Not shown in-game)
Fire rate variable
Fannable No
Reload style No reload
Quickswitchable {{{QS}}}
Max movement speed {{{Movespeed}}}

The Hatchet is a Tier One melee weapon. It is available either for 15$ from blue weapon chests or as a starter.

Unlike other weapons, the Hatchet is among a handful of weapons that aren't dropped upon death unless the user threw it.

Users gain a movement speed bonus when the Hatchet is currently equipped, just like the Machete.

The Hatchet does a moderate amount of damage, dealing 40 damage per hit, or 56 should the player hit the head. A commonly exercised tactic is to kick after dealing two hits to the opponent, usually killing him regardless of if you have Boots on or not. An alternative option is to hit the opponent with the hatchet, kick the opponent, and then throw the hatchet at the opponent to finish him off. This is more useful if you don't want to close the range gap created from kicking the opponent.

The Hatchet can be thrown by using the fan button. The throw usually does more damage than a slice, at around 50 damage. However, a headshot with a thrown axe does upwards of 70 damage, which usually leaves opponents weakened enough to finish them off with a kick or other means. The axe flies in a rather quick parabolic trajectory, so unless the axe is being thrown from far away, vertical compensation shouldn't be too drastic. This is a useful way to hurt the opponents outside of your melee attack range.

The Hatchet has weird fire delay mechanics. The fire delay on the Hatchet is decreased should the player strike something with the Hatchet, like a player, a gunpowder barrel, or a wall. Otherwise, the Hatchet has a long fire delay.