Fistful of Frags Wiki

In Fistful of Frags there are 8 different official game modes. Those game modes are:

Something worth noting about this is that the Team Shootout game mode comes in different variations, which include 2 and 4 Team Shootouts.

There are also community servers that run custom game modes, some which only work on custom maps.

Any gamemodes marked in italics previously existed in the game but were cut later on in the game's lifecycle.

Team Shootout[]

In Team Shootout you play as a member of one out of 4 teams. Note: Some variations of Team Shootout limit the number of teams to for example only include 2 teams.

In this game mode, you can choose weapons as you spawn, with the only limit being the 11 stars that you can choose weapons and perks. You can also find better weaponry in Weapon Chests around the map. You and your team fight your way through the opposing team with the goal to get the most kills.

Break Bad[]

In Break Bad there are four teams of players like in Team Shootout. However instead of killing enemies to gain notoriety, the objective is for your team to collect more money than the other teams.

The loadouts and stars used in Shootout are absent in this mode, replaced by a system where you can make your own loadouts with virtually any weapon in the game, and then buy them with in-game money from:

  • Killing enemies
  • Delivering loot (Green rings)
  • Healing teammates (Using portable Whiskey from a yellow ring)
  • Selling your weapons and disarming yourself (Purple ring)

(NOTE: Weapons can either be bought at spawn, or bought at a cheaper price in one of the supply crates.)

As the game progresses, there are several types of rings that will appear. Walking over them does certain things depending on color.

  • Green rings are loot zones. Picking one up prompts you to deliver them to another green ring dubbed "Delivery zone". Bringing your "loot" to the new green ring will give you and your team a large sum of money.
  • Yellow rings are whiskey zones. Upon reaching one, a player is given a free portable whiskey jug, as well as having all damage removed. Players can either use these zones for free health, or healing teammates for a small amount of money.
  • Purple rings are Disarm zones. Standing on them for a few seconds will take away all of your weapons, and place you in an 'unarmed' state. When unarmed, players who shoot at you will become disarmed themselves. Pressing 'mouse1' will give the disarmed player a pair of Brass Knuckles, effectively 'rearming' the player.