Fistful of Frags Wiki

This page lists all the factions featured in Fistful of Frags.

Their appearances are only for differentiation and identification purposes and do not affect gameplay in any way. Every faction has its own character model and team color (unless playing Free-For-All Shootout in which case all team colors are replaced by yellow).


Vigilantes were the first team to be introduced to the game. Their 3D model is the oldest one in-game and has been in use ever since the game's production in 2007, though their hats are of slightly more recent origin.

Vigilantes are implied to be criminals with a complete disregard for the law, although that appear to be much less built than the other characters.

Though they originally had black cowboy hats, these were replaced with posh top hats. These hats clash with their attire and are implicitly stolen. They wear blue plaid shirts with black vests, alongside dark brown pants and tan boots. They have a high-pitched voice and a thick southern accent.


The Desperados are the second team introduced to the game. The Desperados' character model is the second oldest, debuting when Team-based game modes were introduced.

Desperados, as their name would imply, are likely criminals associated with theft and murder. They wear tan cowboy hats and have a scar over their right eye. They wear a red plaid shirt, along with dark blue pants with chocolate cowboy boots. They are distinctive for their brown trenchcoat that descend to their calves, providing them with a silhouette that is unique to their character model.


Banditos are the third team introduced in the game. As the name implies, the Bandidos are criminals of Hispanic descent, likely hailing from Mexico.

Their attire is exclusively Mexican, consisting of a white shirt covered by a brown vest and bandolier. They also where a pair of flamboyant crimson pants with brown boots. They are easily differentiated by their large sombrero, as it is the largest hat worn out of all the characters.

Bandidos speak "Spanglish", mixing words from English with occasional words of Spanish. Some of their voice lines however, are placeholder ones reused from the Desperados with a different voice pitch added instead.


Rangers of the fourth and latest of the characters introduced in the game.

Unlike the other characters, who are heavily implied to be criminals, Rangers are the most likely of all the characters to be lawful, being either lawmen or bounty hunters.

Rangers are the easiest to identify and distinguish from all the characters for the consistent colour scheme in their attire. They wear black fedoras, white dress shirts with black coats and matching black pants with dress shoes. They have a deeper voice than the other classes.