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Dropdown (known as tp_dropdown in-game), made by craZy_y0, is a Teamplay map in Fistful of Frags. It was published on the Steam Workshop on March 7th 2020 and remains as a community map, although ranked support was added to this map in the March 9th 2020 update.

The map has gone through three individual updates in the space of under two months to improve gameplay and fix bugs. The map is currently in version 1.2 (tp_dropdown_1_2 in-game).


Dropdown is a King of the Hill map where the Vigilantes and Desperados must capture the point inside of the large wooden complex to win the round.

Dropdown is based near the Scott Lake Forest in Tennesse. Set in a remote location with the most notable landmark being its multi-story complex acting as the middle lane. It is also possible to access the complex from the side lanes but the access points are two levels below the access points from the middle lane. This map is considered to be vertical as you can easily traverse between the floors in the level.

This map is one of the few maps currently used in the ranked map pool and is one of the first community maps to be added into the ranked map pool.


This map is a three lane map with four floors and players spawn on the far ends of the map. The spawns are nothing special but often players will drop down with no obvious way of returning to the spawn, as it is possible to return using a few tricks. It's very easy to gain ground in the side lanes but you are very exposed as there is not a lot of cover. The middle lane is the hardest to gain ground due to the nature of the wide open corridors as you enter, it's very easy for a player to get a pick on an enemy with a rifle. Entering the complex is easy getting past the corridors in the middle lane due to the verticality of the map. A lot of the time you will face enemies on the floors above and/or below you so you will be challenging enemies on different planes from you.

The top two floors are not anything special since they are usually used to go down the floors for players to capture, either inside or outside. The inside is very open so this makes players easily exposed, the best advice for new players is to run to the second floor so riflers watching the corridor cannot see you nearly as well.

The capture point is in the center of the third floor which is incredibly easy to get to from the side lanes as it is in walking distance. Capturing the point is a different story however as there isn't a whole lot of cover provided to you so you can be exposed to enemies from many different angles. Dynamite is incredibly effective when thrown into the capture area due to how small the capture area is, it can also catch a lot of enemies off guard so it is very useful having a stick or two of dynamite on you.

On the fourth floor, you are met with a massive pitfall in the middle which players can easily kick enemies into. It is the player's worst nightmare as you can even fall into the pitfall from the top floor and it will almost instantly kill you. Cover is very limited in this area but it is possible to stand and run across the log platform, as long as it is not already destroyed.

The team to complete their capture first will win the round, otherwise if the time limit is ran down, the team who was closest to completing the capture will win the round.



The Vigilantes and Desperados spawn at the far end of their side of the map. Exiting the spawn, they are met by a dropdown which is very hard to return to. This is to prevent enemies from spawncamping which is possible to do in some of the other teamplay maps. Leaving the spawn gives you three different routes you can take, the middle lane being the riskiest due to the open area but the side lanes will give you an edge as the area is much wider and there is a bit more cover to hide yourself if you're at risk of dying.

In version 1.2 of the map, an extra entrance was added to the building from the right sides of the complex near the team spawns. The entrance has two passageways, the close passageway takes the player right to the bottom floor (before the pitfall) while the far passageway takes the player to the third floor, the same floor as the control point is on. These extra changes allow for players to make it to the control point faster but also make it easier for players to retreat from gunfights or to rotate faster with a much lower risk of getting killed.


The layout of the map is asymmetrical, the middle lane keeps you on the top floor while the side lanes take you down to the third floor, where the capture point is. Going through the complex takes you floor by floor up until you reach the bottom which the player meets the pitfall right at the very bottom of the map. There is a fair bit of cover you can use by running up and down the floors but it is also possible to jump down floors if your movement is good enough and you are willing to sacrifice some of your health to complete the manuvere. It is best to use the bottom floors if you're low on health and/or want to play passively as it's harder for enemies above to challenge you.

As of version 1.2 of the map, the top floor of the complex was widened to allow for more cover and elevated spots to be installed. The widened part of the complex has divided the front parts of the complex into a wide room while the middle area has been segregated into smaller block rooms which make it easier for players to take cover, thanks to the stone walls that were added. Vantage points were also added above near the ceiling which you can climb up to with the help of the crates next to the stone walls, however they leave you quite exposed and there is barely any room to move, not to mention it's quite hard to escape once you're in there and have been spotted. With the addition of the top floor being widened, the wooden walls can be used to wallbang enemies using high caliber weapons such as the sharps. Windows were also added so that players from the bridges can see if there are any enemies inside of the complex at the top floor.

As mentioned in Spawns, another entrance was added from just outside of the spawns which allow you to run straight to the third floor where the control point is to allow for players to reach the control point faster. The addition of this entrance also helps players defend the point from the enemies without being as close and personal, it also leaves players more areas to help defend themselves and rotate faster without being spotted as easily.

Along with the rest of the updates delivered in version 1.2, a lot of the walls were colour coded in the process to help distinguish the Desperado and Vigilante sides better. The side corridors were also widened to give players more room but allows players to peak from the stairs to the outside inclines and vice versa, this as a result makes it easier to approach the building from the sides without being caught off guard as easily.