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Dual-Wielded Derringers.


The Derringer is a small pocket pistol with two shots in the clip that cannot be fanned. It is only available as a five star secondary in shootout and team shootout game types.


  • The Derringer deals quite high damage at close range.
  • Can kill in 2-3 shots up close.
  • Notoriety gain of +9.
  • In Break Bad and Teamplay, the Derringer is the cheapest handgun there is, costing just $10, allowing the player to get two of them for just $20.


  • The Derringer's accuracy is very unimpressive, with its maximum achievable accuracy being 74%. This does give it some reach, however.
  • They lack any significant range and, much like their real life counterparts, are best used at "across poker table distances." You should not try to use the Derringer to shoot at someone past close range unless you are desperate or the Derringer happens to be the only ranged weapon you have.
  • Only holds two rounds at a time in its clip.
  • Damage rapidly drops off at a distance.


Since the removal of the primary Derringer, the secondary Derringer nowadays is mostly used in one of three ways. Many use it to pair with another single-handed weapon to allow for a two-weapon loadout on spawn. It can be paired with a plethora of spawn weapons. Players also use it as a secondary to weapons such as the Hatchet or Bow. Finally, some will use the Derringer as a standalone weapon, although this is only recommended for those who are looking for a challenge.