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Cripplecreek (known as fof_cripplecreek in-game), made by RedYager, is a Classic map in Fistful of Frags. It was added to the game in the August 26th 2014 update.

It was originally added into Beta 3.9 in June of 2013 with a couple less buildings and the middle buildings being replaced with a watchtower.

It is compatible with all forms of Shootout, Elimination and Break Bad but it does not include any courses.

Cripplecreek is a map of an old mining depot in a ravine in the mountains. A train runs through the bottom area of the map while players move around through the top and bottom areas of the map during the game. The train is accessible and controllable by jumping onto it.

A Halloween variant of this map is available, known as Creepycreek (known as gt_creepycreek in-game). This version of the map is designed for Ghost Town, a Halloween version of Shootout.

Creepycreek, showing the top view of the map including the spooky church added in for this version of Cripplecreek.



Player spawns are typically placed all over the map and can be used by any player/team.

There are a total of five crate spawns on the map, consisting of two low-tier crates, two mid-tier crates and one high-tier crate. One of the low-tier crates is in the bottom of the yellow building in the middle of the map towards the river, while the other is situated in the top right of the map towards the crane. One of the mid-tier crates is in the barn on the bottom left corner of the map, next to the tunnel which the train can go under, meanwhile the second mid-tier crate is in the connector between the red and yellow buildings in the middle of the map. Finally, the high-tier crate is placed on the train, meaning that anyone with access to the train can obtain a high-tier weapon.


The layout of the map is quite a vertical map consisting of four different levels you can get up to, not including the roofs which some of them can be accessed with good enough movement and timing.

A layout of Cripplecreek, including crate spawns and the train route.