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Colt Walker
Type Revolver
Shootout Tier Three
Base notoriety reward 4
One- or Two-handed One-handed
Default cost 125$
Falloff ratio {{{Falloff}}}
Maximum accuracy 75%
Fire rate Very Low
Fannable No
Reload style Single
Quickswitchable Yes
Max movement speed {{{Movespeed}}}


The Colt Walker is a very high damage revolver, usually capable of dealing one shot kills with some change. Still, when hitting the limbs and/or hitting targets at long range, the Walker may need more ammunition to kill the enemy. Due to how powerful the Colt Walker is up close and how long it takes to reload, users should try to stick to medium range engagements where the Walker's one hit kill potential is at its finest.

On the subject of accuracy, the Colt Walker's accuracy is average at 75%. While not bad, this accuracy does not stand out as a definitive weakness nor strength.

The Colt Walker was previously the only revolver incapable of fanning. The SW Hammerless was eventually introduced, which also cannot be fanned. Currently, these two guns are the only revolvers in the game that cannot be fanned. Thus, unlike other revolvers, the Walker is limited to regular fire, and it is the second slowest firing weapon in the game that isn't single shot, only faster than the Spencer Rifle.

The Walker has an extremely long reload, taking about three seconds to reload a single bullet. Due to these two large weaknesses, the Colt Walker is among the most punishing weapons in the game to inaccurate players.

Dual Wielding[]

Unlike all other gold chest weapons, the Colt Walker is one handed. Should the player get access to a Colt Peacemaker, Mare's Leg, or even another Colt Walker, the player becomes an extreme threat in mid-close range, with two weapons capable of killing in one shot. Should the player have a weaker weapon such as a Colt Navy 1851 or Volcanic Pistol paired with the Colt Walker, users should refrain from using the weaker weapon until a foe is badly wounded or when the Colt Walker needs to be reloaded. Pairing up the Colt Walker with another weapon is usually a better idea than not since, unlike other revolvers, the Colt Walker does not sacrifice a fanning ability.


Short Medium Long
Head 200 150 90
Chest 150 100-125 50-70
Legs/Arms 90 70-60 50-40


Handgun skill Crouching Standing Walking
Ambidextrous 64% 61% 35/45%
Right-handed 64/70% 61/67% 35/53%
Left-handed 75/57% 72/53% 49/36%
Fanning 55% 51% 22/33%

Ironsight accuracy on this weapon is 67/70%



The Colt Walker's design has since been changed to look more similar to it's real-world variant. The reload animation has also been completely redone to be more historically accurate.


  • The real world Colt Walker was fed with six .44 caliber lead balls in front of six black-powder charges. It was considered the strongest black-powder revolver of all time.
  • When holding two Colt Walkers simultaneously, all kills from either revolver will work towards the "Overpowered" achievement, where the player must get fifteen kills while carrying the two revolvers.
  • The Colt Walker is a gold chest exclusive revolver.


Real-World Variant[]