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Colt Navy 1851
Colt Navy.png
Type Handgun
Shootout Tier Starter
Base notoriety reward 10
One- or Two-handed One-handed
Default cost $25
Falloff ratio 1.84
Maximum accuracy 82%
Fire rate 4 (50 rpm)
Fannable Yes
Reload style Per-cartridge
Quickswitchable Yes
Max movement speed 220

The Colt Navy 1851 is a six-shot revolver. The Navy is available from the loadout menu in all shootout modes.


The Colt Navy has fair accuracy and damage, is fannable, has a good rate of fire and a higher-than-average notoriety reward.

At most ranges, three bodyshots will kill an opponent at full health, and two shots will kill if one of the shots hits a headshot. This means that you can easily dispose of an enemy if they are reloading or they have not noticed you yet, as they will die before they can react.

The damage falloff is not too punishing so it can be comfortably fired at a quite long range when standing still. But, this weapon is not strong in situations with more than one opponent as this gun's reloading is very slow and it can run out of shots quickly, especially if one is fanning. Because of these factors, this weapon does not have the damage to reliably deal with more than one person at a time.

Nevertheless, the Colt Navy is useful for its versatility, easy fanning, and high notoriety reward but can be a challenging gun to survive long-term in game.

Point-blank Medium Long
Head 74 65 52
Body 44 38 32


Handgun skill

Crouching Standing Walking Fanning
Ambidextrous 73% 70% 44/53% 46%
Right-handed 73/78% 70/76% 44/61% 76/78%*
Left-handed 82/66% 80/63% 57/45% 54/41%
Fanning 64% 61% 32/43% 57%

*Uses ironsights


  • Over 250,000 Colt Navy's were produced domestically in America, and 22,000 were shipped to England.
  • The Colt Navy's original name was the Colt Ranger; however, the designation of Navy was more popular and stuck.

Real-World Variant[]