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The Bow is a unique Tier One weapon. It is the only non-hitscan weapon in the game, meaning it fires an actual projectile that is subject to gravity. This makes the Bow harder to use than most weapons in the game, as the target's movement must be taken into account, making it so users must fire where the target will be, not where they are.

It is the most basic long range weapon in the game, providing a cheap or easier to acquire alternative to rifles. Hindering its long distance capabilities, however, is the fact that the bow does not zoom in when aimed, and that gravity must be compensated for even more with far away targets, leading to lots of trial-and-error for inexperienced users.

At short or medium range, the bow suffers from its extremely low rate of fire, but is just as effective damage wise. Firing as soon as the arrow is ready means it won't fly as far, and reduces its damage, introducing yet another hurdle for beginners, though mastering the Bow's weaknesses can create a fearsome opponent.

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